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Lighting, video and set designer based in Helsinki, Finland.

Joonas Tikkanen has been working as a freelance designer since 2009.

He has done a vast variety of productions in Finland and internationally.

Founder of HUE Lighting Oy.

Aniara 2019

"The costumes and an all-white fabric floor were a canvas (literally) for the evanescent, inspired lighting and video design of Finnish theater artist Joonas Tikkanen. His stunning universe of visual, emotive effects ranged from anxiety-producing patterns reminiscent of early black-and-white television to sweeping, colorful earth-space vistas and bowls of glass set in circles of dancing light."

Gail Obenreder - Broadway Street Review

Aniara 2019

"Joonas Tikkanen’s inventive lighting and video projections of stark Finnish landscapes onto Marley flooring were captivating. His design includes kinetic light tubes which form a moving set piece with which the chorus and dancers play and dance.

Margaret Darby - Philly Life And Culture

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